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dominion_cardgm's Journal

Dominion: The Card Game
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Welcome to the LiveJournal home for discussion of Dominion, a card game published by Rio Grande Games and released in October 2008.

Feel free to post comments, questions, card ideas, new card sets, rule variants, or what have you! Please just follow these few simple rules:

1) Stay on topic. There are lots of places to advertise your community, online role-playing game, or what have you, and this ain't it. Please limit discussion to topics relevant to the community.

2) Be polite. It is a sad state of affairs that this has to be explicitly stated, but one of the reasons why this community exists is to try to stay away from the arguments and shouting matches that have been creeping up more and more on other discussion sites (most notably the BoardGameGeek forums). So let's stay civil, shall we?

3) Don't be afraid to start a discussion. Everyone played their first game once, and several of us were probably stymied by the same issues you're having. So go ahead and ask!

Please refer any questions about the community itself to the moderator, blackpaladin.