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*blows dust off of community*

Yeesh. It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that, folks; I admit I got a little burned out on Dominion (especially when the company that made the sleeves I've been using up and disappeared, and I haven't had the impetus to re-sleeve my entire collection).

But as a quick note, if anyone here knows someone who's been itching for a copy of the base set (or if your base set has just become so well-loved that it needs to be replaced), today's Tanga's BGG Deal of the Day is the base set of Dominion for $22.99 + $6.99 S/H. (That's $30.00 total for a game with a list price of $45.) Go to BoardGameGeek, make sure your Adblocker is turned off (or configured to let ads through from BGG), and the link will be there on the left-hand side.

Minimalist Dominion Server


It's very minimalist, but it works on my phone and probably yours as well.

Prosperity Card List

Sorry for the delay; I was off playing medieval for two weeks when this was released, and I haven't gotten a chance before now to write this up. Prosperity is due out early to mid September. As usual, I am putting this behind a cut for those people who don't want to be spoiled. For those that do, however, this is taken from the official Dominion:Prosperity rules posted at Rio Grande Games' web site.

Prosperity Card ListCollapse )


Alchemy pushed back

The street date for Alchemy has been pushed back from April 28th to May 7th.

Card list leaked for Dominion: Alchemy

Hah! You'd forgotten you were even subscribed to this community! ;-)

The latest Dominion expansion, "Alchemy" is set to drop sometime in the near future. FunAgain Games has a listed release date of April 28th. I have a copy on reserve at my FLGS; do you?

The full card list was leaked today, it is included beneath the cut for those of you wishing to avoid spoilers. The new set contains 13 new cards and will reportedly retail for $24.95.

Alchemy: Turning gold into cardsCollapse )

Seaside: The whole haul

The rules for Seaside have been posted to Rio Grande Games' website. They include full text of all 26 cards of Seaside, which are included below the cut (for spoiler purposes).

Here Be DragonsCollapse )


Seaside Catch of the Day

Revealed Card #4Collapse )

Also, went back and added links to pics on the previous entry.


Three Seaside cards released so far

Continuing the "Seaside countdown" coverage here on dominion_cardgm, we bring you the first three cards released for the upcoming Seaside expansion: Cut for spoilersCollapse )

I don't know how many more cards are going to be released by RGG before the set hits the streets, but I will post them as I see them.